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Buffalo Fan

Propylene inline explosion proof fans is an economical and efficient tool for laboratory & industrial chemical fumes exhaust:
- Spark-resistant Propylene material of construction;
- Explosion-proof motors available ;
- R esistant to virtually all chemicals, more than FRP & SST fans;
- Round inlet and outlet for easy duct connection;
- Roof and wall mounting options;
- Motor outside of airstream;
- Very quiet, low maintenance and attractive design ;
- Available accessories : adjustable dampers, duct reducers, SST impellers, weather hoods, roof unit kits, vibration isolators, flexible connectors...
...small direct drive vaneaxial fans, 6" to 10" DIA for up to 1,700 CFM, to 1.25" WG pressure;
...explosion-proof, 2-speed, 1800 & 3600 RPM models are available;
...light aluminum spark-resistant construction;
...available accessories: sliding band damper; duct adaptor, mounting feet, inlet bell with guard.

HOODED ROOF MOUNT FANS are suitable for industrial supply or exhaust fan applications. These units are suitable for a variety of applications, including general ventilation, moisture-laden air, heat or smoke fumes, and mild contaminates in the airstream. 

Industrial hooded roof mount fans offer aerodynamically superior performance constructed with a heavy duty welded steel base and aluminum hood with bird screen. Some models include the hood and base made of galvanized steel for rigidity, long life and years of protection against corrosion. A finish coat of epoxy can be requested.

               Flow volume up to 106,000 CFM               
up to 3/4'' Static Pressure

BELT DRIVE: Available in sizes from 24 inch to 84 inch. Belt driven models are designed for quieter operation and lower initial cost. They use standardly available 1750 RPM motors.

HOODED ROOF MOUNT FANS have a large removable panel for access to the fan and backdraft  damper. The curb cap and support system is of heavy gauge steel for strength and rigidity. Painted parts are coated with epoxy to provide a protective coating rated excellent for hardness, impact resistance, adhesion and chemical resistance.

DIRECT DRIVE: Available in sizes from 10 inch to 60 inch. Direct driven models require less maintenance, offer longer operating life, increased efficiency and reduced operating cost.

Following accessories are available:
HOODED FILTERED SUPPLY ROOF MOUNT FANS are furnished with two-inch thick,
permanent, cleanable filters. The filters are easily mounted into the filter rack when the unit
is installed at the job site. Fan component shall be of welded steel construction, PRV hood and base shall be of galvanized steel.

REVERSIBLE HOODED ROOF MOUNT FANS are single units designed for both exhaust and supply. This type of reversible fan includes adjustable pitch cast aluminum airfoil propeller blades with alternate blades turned 180° and a double orifice attached to the fan panel. The result is essentially equal air movement abilities in either exhaust or supply mode. Flow volume up to 42,000 CFM @ up to 3/4'' Static Pressure.